MY FIRST BOSS™, a venture of Accufox Management Consultancy Private Limited, is a Talent Development & Management company, which has been designed and formulated, foreseeing the challenges of fresh graduates. MY FIRST BOSS™, not only set requirements of hiring industry for job seekers but also works in the direction of preparing freshers to be corporate ready. The gap between the Industry & academia is ever widening day by day and though “Bridging the Gap” has become the buzzword, few people know how to get the students cross over the bridge. Our well versed and highly qualified team would hand-hold the students and help them bridge this gap.

Our Purpose

The purpose of designing MY FIRST BOSS™ is to give the freshers a platform for finding a right and a satisfactory job according to their qualification and skills. MY FIRST BOSS™ not only connects the freshers with the corporates, companies, assessment tools, training courses (online and Offline both) and major agencies but it also provides job portal for job seekers to submit their CV and apply for job posting and employer can select best employees from available candidates. This is basically a job portal where freshers can apply for jobs and employer post jobs and select prospective applicant. MY FIRST BOSS™ is prepared to provide all categories of job and help to get various type of job. The main purpose of is to provide the facility to job seekers for getting a quick job. So, it enables applicants to search for jobs in a convenient manner and to enable employers to find suitable candidates.

Vision & Mission

  • To create a global niche in the space of preparing young/fresh human capital as per their identified/ desired career/job, simultaneously facilitating the industry to get “ready to work” professionals as per their desired needs/skills.
  • To impart appropriate and adequate solutions in a manner that not only prepares the youth to choose the right career but also making them lifelong learners and adaptive enough to switch to professional needs.
  • To identify the needs of the industry and connect them to reach the desired pool of young ready professionals, to hire them for the right job at the right time, through a very stringent screening system and processes.
  • To identify, prepare and get to the desired skills, needed for the growing Indian economy and remove the existing and emerging gap between the demand and supply of multiple skills.


MY FIRST BOSS™ thrives in redefining the future of the hiring industry and takes pride and satisfaction in handholding young Indians towards a rewarding career in their chosen fields. We acknowledge that the young Indians today need to be encouraged to think critically, develop conceptual understanding and deliver innovative solutions for practical problems coming their way in their career, or for that matter, in every walk of life. Then only they will be able to create a new lease of opportunities for themselves, for the society and for the nation as a whole. MY FIRST BOSS™ is looking forward to achieving this objective by:

  • Thinking beyond ‘degrees’ offered by formal education
  • Helping the students to assess their true potential
  • Preparing candidates for job interviews
  • Preparing young individuals to be Corporate Ready

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