Assessments For Corporates/Industries:

We would like to introduce My First Boss as a pioneer in training a niche segment of the workforce in a professional ecosystem. We have developed ComPAS (Competency Profiling and Assessment Services), a unique online test which is aimed at giving a whole new dimension to the corporate hiring process.

Why is it important?

The ComPAS tests are designed to evaluate a candidate's decision making, intelligence, and attitude, and also to match his personal/behavioral competencies, to those required for a particular job profile. This will help an employer to:-

       1. Identify and employ the right man for the right job.

       2. Increase the productivity and efficiency of the workforce.

       3. Reduce the attrition levels satisfactorily.

       4. Save time in the evaluation of candidates.


Job Profile Analysis


For whom: Corporate Staff

Before recruitment, identify great talent through online competency analysis to ascertain productivity, operational efficiency, and performance excellence. We would help you reduce your recruitment cost, manpower attrition and increase your productivity. It can be used in :Recruitment Training

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Training Need Analysis


For whom: Anyone (Based on a job functionality)

It is critical to assess the gap between the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that the people in the organization currently possess and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that they require to meet the organization's objectives. A psychological analysis is a must for that. “Giving some training” is the practice most of the companies follow that does not produce the desired output.

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Job Profile Layering


For whom: Corporate Staff

Know your employee and play on his strength, competency requirement for each layer that defines and check the skill sets of a person against each layer that determines in which layer or competency he can be the best fit. We help you in increasing productivity, job satisfaction, happy employee, reduce manpower attrition, achieve performance excellence.

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Leadership Report


For whom: Corporate staff / Anyone

Leadership function in an organization is to maximize the efficiency of the organization. The report will evaluate from 15+ types of leadership style and offers you the 3 best leadership roles for the individual. We help you in your appropriate appraisal, training need analysis.

Fee : 2499/- 1499/-



Sales Competency Analysis


For whom: Corporate staff / Anyone

Sales are the most important function of any organization, the ComPAS tool evaluates the sales force on 30 competencies. The report also gives more insights into the person's strengths, top competencies, how to behave with this person, etc. By doing this analysis, you can achieve an increase in sales efficiency, 100% job-employee fit.

Fee : 599/- 599/-



Assessment for Aviation


For whom: Pilot / Ground Staff / Cabin Crews

With a pressing need for assessing the mental health of pilots stepping into the aviation industry, ComPAS helps you identify the behavioral attributes and other psychological factors which impact the psychological well-being of a person taking up this role. Psychometric test is at par with IATA recommendations, we measure the following competencies: Mental abilities, operational competencies, psychomotor tasks, strategic competencies, management competencies, aptitude technical test.

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Police Force


For whom: Police Officials

The tool measures 10 specific competencies for SI rank and above, are as given: Managing diverse activities, handling criticism, responding to conflicting instruction, work-life balance, effective team leadership, managing political persons, delivery of result, crime detection, empathy, people friendly. The competencies can be made available for constables also for recruitment and training purposes.

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Health Services


For whom: Nurses/ Doctors/ Technical staff

12 specific competencies are measured: Clinical competencies, health management, effective communication, dexterity, assertiveness, managing stress, assertiveness, process complaints helping attitude, diagnostic skill, investigation, people friendly, etc. We are helping you to avoid medical negligence by empaneling through right fitment, beer patient relationship, and care, effective development of nurses and other staff through gap analysis.

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Heavy Vehicle Drivers Assessment


For whom: Heavy Vehicle Licensed Drivers

Psychological assessments are just as predictive of specific, measurable outcomes as many medical tests as per the American Psychological Association. We can help you in assessing the mental abilities and other core competencies required for a good driver, do a gap analysis for effective training and self- development, reduce driver errors.

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Cab Drivers Assessment


For whom: Cab Drivers

ComPAS presents a unique way to check fitment of cab drivers for empanelment by cab aggregators. It would help in safeguarding passengers, beer rider experience, branding, decreasing sexual assault decreasing robbery & Accidents. The tool measures 10 specific competencies for cab drivers as below navigating skills, people friendly, customer focus, rescue operations, accountability, travel interest, assertiveness, caretaker, follow instruction, me management.

Fee : 999/- 599/-