Assessments for Schools / Institutions / Students


Co-Scholastic Skill Assessment


For whom: Students from 4th STD – 9th STD

The report explains the Co-Scholastic skills as prescribed by CBSE. There are 50 skills under three major sections (thinking, social, and emotional skills). Apart from the Co- scholastic norms, the tool goes further into the top competencies of a student, strengths in general, tips for enhancing efficiency, suggested training and VAK analysis.

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Career Assessment


For whom: Students From 9th STD - Graduates

Right career choice can enhance the quality of life and the sooner you identify the right career, the beer would be your chances to excel in the field. ComPAS will help you identify your best career choices by measuring your competencies and not interest

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Know Your Teacher (KYT)


For whom: School / College Teachers

The ComPAS tool will measure 10 MUST competencies according to ISCO (International Standard Classification of Occupation). The competencies are Presentation Skill, Student Facilitation, Continuous Learning, Curriculum Planning, Research Skill, Creativity, Positive Feedback, Work Co-ordination, Democratic Decision Making, Requirement Analysis. However, the competencies can be customized according to local needs. It helps you in gap analysis for training and accurate recruitment.

Fee : 999/- 599/-



Non-Teaching Staff (Admin/Drivers/HK)


For whom: School / College Administration

The assessment of the non-teaching staff is more important than teachers in lieu of the unpleasant incidents reported recently. It is becoming imperative to assess the admin, housekeeping, and drivers as its difficult to judge their behavioral pattern. The test will evaluate aspects like behavioral attitude, stress management, self-awareness, etc.

Fee : 999/- 599/-